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IT really Matters!

We are changing the world with technology. -Bill Gates

Information Technology made a great impact to our existence since it flourished. It drives innovation and it continues to grow and expand as the years passed by.

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Imagine life right now without technology. No computers, cellphones, printers, television, internet, and etc. Without technology, life would be completely different from what we are accustomed to today.

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Technology has become a part of our daily lives. It plays a vital role both in our personal life and professional development. We use technology at home, school, or work.

There are many opportunities brought by technology. Shopping can be done through the online. Communicating with people (with the use of collaborative tools) from different parts of the world became more convenient.

The use of technology has advantages but it’s not without a downside. Cyber hackers are growing in number and causing trouble to other people. Software piracy is rampant, most especially in developing countries.

As for me, IT does matter. With technology, my work had become easier with the use of software applications and programs. It made work more efficient. I use different social medias to interact with friends and loved ones. I use chat applications to meet people from across the globe. Thus, it made interaction and communication convenient for me. It also helped me expand my professional network.

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IT is important to every person’s life. As technology continue to evolve, we must be willing to embrace it and take advantage of it.





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