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The use of Social Media: it comes with a GREAT Responsibility

Nowadays social media is becoming an integral part of the lives of most people, especially to younger generation.

Popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People use social media almost everyday, i.e. create personal profiles, share pictures, videos, and contact friends and family.

Social media can be advantageous when it comes to one’s personal development and professional growth.

Expands your PLNThrough social media, it is a great way to meet and connect to people across the globe It is also a great way to expand your professional network, e.g. LinkedIn, then build and strengthen connections.

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Easier access to information. We have all the information at the end of our fingertips. And sharing of information and resources to colleagues is now faster through social media.

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Gives motivation and serves as inspiration. Other people’s experiences in life and the success that they have achieved could inspire and motivate you to also strive for your best in life.

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Social media is accessible to anyone so one must be responsible in using it.

Think before you post. Never complain or vent you anger and frustrations through social media.

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Avoid negative comment. If you don’t have anything good to say about a post that you saw, better keep it to yourself.

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Always determine a news’ authenticity. Before publicly sharing any news in social media, always check the source of this news.

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The users of social media will continue to  grow, hence they must understand its usefulness and the responsibilities in using it.




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