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SOFTWARE PIRACY: Who should take the BLAME?

Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. – Harry Browne

Software piracy is the unauthorized copying, reproduction, use, or manufacture of software products (

Piracy is a growing concern throughout the software industry especially in developing countries.  And given that the Philippines is a developing country, we will fall behind in the technological aspect if we can’t afford access to new generations of software, but it’s not an excuse for us to use pirated software.

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According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Philippines has a 70% software piracy rate and the commercial value of pirated software was estimated at $338 million.

Software piracy may result to large financial loss for companies in which they should take proper measures (aside from legal procedures) to prevent or reduce the pirating of their software products.

Public Awareness. Increase public awareness that software piracy is an illegal act and causes damage to the economy. And also, inform and educate the public of the risks involved in software piracy, e.g. viruses and exposure to malware.

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Free trial. A free trial is a great marketing tool for companies to campaign their software products to users. It gives user an experience of the software, i.e. its usability and features.

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Pricing. Prices of the software products should vary depending on the purchasing power of a country. That way, it’ll be affordable for developing countries to acquire the products.

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Software piracy is rampant nowadays and if it continues, it will harm innovation. Thus, to combat this, change should start within ourselves and that is by patronizing the use of licensed software.



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