We are changing the world with technology. -Bill Gates

Information Technology made a great impact to our existence since it flourished. It drives innovation and it continues to grow and expand as the years passed by.

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Imagine life right now without technology. No computers, cellphones, printers, television, internet, and etc. Without technology, life would be completely different from what we are accustomed to today.

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Technology has become a part of our daily lives. It plays a vital role both in our personal life and professional development. We use technology at home, school, or work.

There are many opportunities brought by technology. Shopping can be done through the online. Communicating with people (with the use of collaborative tools) from different parts of the world became more convenient.

The use of technology has advantages but it’s not without a downside. Cyber hackers are growing in number and causing trouble to other people. Software piracy is rampant, most especially in developing countries.

As for me, IT does matter. With technology, my work had become easier with the use of software applications and programs. It made work more efficient. I use different social medias to interact with friends and loved ones. I use chat applications to meet people from across the globe. Thus, it made interaction and communication convenient for me. It also helped me expand my professional network.

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IT is important to every person’s life. As technology continue to evolve, we must be willing to embrace it and take advantage of it.





IT really Matters!

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The use of Social Media: it comes with a GREAT Responsibility

Nowadays social media is becoming an integral part of the lives of most people, especially to younger generation.

Popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People use social media almost everyday, i.e. create personal profiles, share pictures, videos, and contact friends and family.

Social media can be advantageous when it comes to one’s personal development and professional growth.

Expands your PLNThrough social media, it is a great way to meet and connect to people across the globe It is also a great way to expand your professional network, e.g. LinkedIn, then build and strengthen connections.

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Easier access to information. We have all the information at the end of our fingertips. And sharing of information and resources to colleagues is now faster through social media.

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Gives motivation and serves as inspiration. Other people’s experiences in life and the success that they have achieved could inspire and motivate you to also strive for your best in life.

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Social media is accessible to anyone so one must be responsible in using it.

Think before you post. Never complain or vent you anger and frustrations through social media.

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Avoid negative comment. If you don’t have anything good to say about a post that you saw, better keep it to yourself.

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Always determine a news’ authenticity. Before publicly sharing any news in social media, always check the source of this news.

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The users of social media will continue to  grow, hence they must understand its usefulness and the responsibilities in using it.



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SOFTWARE PIRACY: Who should take the BLAME?

Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. – Harry Browne

Software piracy is the unauthorized copying, reproduction, use, or manufacture of software products (Microsoft.com).

Piracy is a growing concern throughout the software industry especially in developing countries.  And given that the Philippines is a developing country, we will fall behind in the technological aspect if we can’t afford access to new generations of software, but it’s not an excuse for us to use pirated software.

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According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Philippines has a 70% software piracy rate and the commercial value of pirated software was estimated at $338 million.

Software piracy may result to large financial loss for companies in which they should take proper measures (aside from legal procedures) to prevent or reduce the pirating of their software products.

Public Awareness. Increase public awareness that software piracy is an illegal act and causes damage to the economy. And also, inform and educate the public of the risks involved in software piracy, e.g. viruses and exposure to malware.

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Free trial. A free trial is a great marketing tool for companies to campaign their software products to users. It gives user an experience of the software, i.e. its usability and features.

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Pricing. Prices of the software products should vary depending on the purchasing power of a country. That way, it’ll be affordable for developing countries to acquire the products.

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Software piracy is rampant nowadays and if it continues, it will harm innovation. Thus, to combat this, change should start within ourselves and that is by patronizing the use of licensed software.