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Effective Use of Business Intelligence Tools in the Organization

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information to better business decision making (

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BI tools can be very beneficial for the organization, therefore an organization needs to encourage its employees to make effective use of these tools.

Awareness. Employees need to understand the value and significance of business intelligence, i.e. the benefits and advantages to the organization.

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Accessibility. It would encourage employees to use BI tools that are accessible and that it helps them do their jobs better and faster.

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Training. With appropriate training, employees will have the knowledge and skills to know how BI tools work efficiently for the benefit of the organization.

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Collaboration. Allow employees to access, share and exchange BI information so that they can communicate and collaborate together to achieve the best possible decisions and outcomes for the organization.

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The usage of BI tools must be implemented throughout the entire organization. Everyone in the organization must know about these BI tools, therefore either a rewards program or a punitive program is unnecessary.

A much better approach is a pay raise based on an employee’s performance on the job while using the BI tools. Hence, employees would perform at their best and those who performed well would gain a salary increase.

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Management must emphasize the importance of BI tools for the success of the entire organization and then employees will be more than willing to use these BI tools.


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