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Online Shopping: Favorable or Disastrous?

Nowadays, you can almost do anything online. And that includes shopping.

Who doesn’t love shopping anyway? Especially when there are big discounts, freebies and promos.

So, here’s my sentiment about online shopping:

Saves time and hassle free. Where else can you do shopping at 12 midnight? No more waiting in long lines. You can buy things at the comfort of your home anytime of the day.

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Compare prices.  I know you’d want to purchase items at its cheapest price. With online shopping, you are able to compare prices easily from different sellers.

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  • Hesitant to buy: beauty products, bags and apparels. Why?

Availability and variety. Different varieties to choose from and certain items are sold online that aren’t yet available in your local shopping center.

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Although there is a disadvantage:

Inability to check the items and it’s authenticity. If you’re buying apparels, you won’t be able to feel the material, how it was made, if it fits or suits you. You can’t really tell if the items are genuine.

Too Many Questions
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  • Will never buy: gadgets, food and medicines. Why?

Too risky. It may be convenient to buy medicines online but convenience can never outweigh the risk it brings.

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Returning the items. Mishandled items during shipment could damage it and it may be a hassle returning them.

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There’s nothing quite like the convenience of online shopping, so just be sure to choose a reliable shopping site.


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Favorable or Disastrous?

  1. I do prefer to shop online, but it’s not the same anymore. It’s much better to go to the mall, and shop; until the online stores can get things together.

    I believe the online market is finished for the major consumers.

    The new thing is mega malls with hotels and condominiums located inside. Where people can shop, and get their necessities. Then go straight to their place. The perks of this is, people will be able to return items quicker, and have items delivered in minutes.

    Great post GM!


  2. Very good commentary on the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Excellent tip on using a reliable and trustworthy shopping site. Well done.


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