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Using Wireless Network Technology in the organization: Is it necessary?

The use of wireless network technologies is so popular and trendy today.

Accessing the internet or web has been more convenient and easier either by Wi-Fi or mobile data. And there are opportunities brought by these wireless network technologies in which can be advantageous to the organization.

Increase mobility

Employees who use your wireless LAN can roam around the office without losing their connection. Wired cables are eliminated and thus, going wireless is cost effective.

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Easy access to information

Information are at your fingertips. With just one click away, you can search the information that you need. Announcements, memorandums, and other information can be easily accessed through emails or using the intranet.

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Improve and increase collaboration

Despite the location difference, sharing of files and exchanging of ideas can be done with the use of collaboration tools.

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Enhance customer’s access

Customers have easier access now with the products or services of the organization without going to the company.

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Wireless network technologies offer several advantages but are not without downsides. That’s why certain standards and guidelines are needed to ensure safe usage of wireless networks.

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Securing the network

Limiting access

Thus, having the proper guidelines, organizations should be able to use these wireless network technologies to their advantage.


3 thoughts on “Using Wireless Network Technology in the organization: Is it necessary?

  1. I would have put in that another advantage of a wireless connection is that because there are no wires involved with a wireless connection, the potential risk of tripping over any trailing cables that wired connectivity requires, can be avoided altogether.

    Good Review and Keep up the good work.


  2. Great work Gezzahmae! Very informative 🙂 Those links are really handy too. Loving the very first quote on your blog. Wise words to live by indeed. Keep up that great work!


  3. I would agree it’s a great asset, and every business should adopt a wireless network as soon as possible!

    It will be necessary for a business to function with extreme wifi speeds, and mobility. Once the wireless age is complete everything will operate on wifi, or the next generation Li fi.

    Smart devices talking to each other without a network in place. You made great points about the security of these current networks. They are imperative; if not used information can be hacked and tracked of any user that connects to the unsecure network.

    This is an eye opener post about the new age of wireless networks. Even some of these networks still require fiber optics; however mobile devices are going to change that!

    Nice read, GM this is the stuff that inspires me and keeps me looking forward to wearables, which is new technology that is becoming more and more convenient and utilized.


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