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The SKILLS that Managers need for an effective and successful IS decision

An information system in an organization is like the nervous system in the human body: it is the link that connects all the organization’s components together and provides for better operation and survival in a competitive environment. (Warier, Sudhir. Knowledge Management).

With the rapid growth of technology, managers need to have the skills in order for them to make an effective and and successful IS decision.

1. Technical Skills 

The managers must know first how this new technology works before imparting it to his subordinates and incorporating it to the organization.

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2. Conceptual Skills

Managers must have a clear vision of their objectives. They uses their knowledge and skills to achieve what they want to achieve. Managers must think critically and evaluate carefully every option, weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision. Decisions to be made are not for personal interest but for the organization as a whole.

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3. Interpersonal Skills

Managers must able to understand, communicate and work effectively with people. They influence and motivate other members of the organization to work effectively and efficiently. He is able to educate his subordinates to the new technology and inform them its importance.

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Technology will continue to grow and advance, thus, managers must always thrive to adapt and embrace to these changes. Also, managers will always play a vital role in IS decisions and there will be only two outcomes, either a success or failure.


2 thoughts on “The SKILLS that Managers need for an effective and successful IS decision

  1. You make a great point GM! Information systems are just what you explained, it takes the proper managers to apply all the information into that system, so that all the data compiled by the computer is made into relevant and useful knowledge to better maintain or run a organization.

    Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and I believe in order for us as innovative human beings. We need to adapt new information technology, such as iCloud, Siri, and various programs as well as the security of these programs to prevent personal information as well as advanced corporate technology from being misappropriated.

    Overall technology makes our lives more simpler. In order for man kind to reach his or her destiny it must be done through advanced intelligent information systems, and maintained by knowledgeable managers who can operate these information systems.


  2. When making business decisions, a collaborative approach involving subject matter experts in a forum or workshop setting is extremely effective. Ensure that there is facilitator who can facilitate the discussions and achieve the desired outcomes. A report should then be written based on the information captured in the workshop with key recommendations and an action plan for the management team to consider.


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