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IT and Me

In this age and time, technology is continuously and rapidly growing. It is getting more advanced as time passes by and that we could barely grasp it.

Information Technology doesn’t gives us the assurance that it could result to a positive outcome. It could either be harmful or useful to us. But we cannot deny the fact that IT had made a great impact and contribution to our lives and is still continuously doing such.

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IT had greatly helped me both at work and in my personal life. Working as an Accounts Officer, I am in-charge of monitoring more than a hundred employers if they’re compliant to SSS. So doing such work, it is easier with the use of software applications and programs. And also the company’s newly implemented Office Orders, announcements and memos are easily disseminated and are easily accessed through the use of emails and the company’s intranet. I can’t imagine how hard it’ll be without IT at work.

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Information has been made so accessible with just one click away through the use of some websites like Google or Yahoo. Personally, I use social medias like Facebook, Instagram and other chat applications that have made interacting and talking to friends from different parts of the world a lot easier and more convenient.

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Information Technology will continue to grow, evolve, and advance, so we should learn to adapt and embrace these new advancements that technology will offer us.


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